About us

UPM Kymi, located in Kouvola’s Kuusankoski district, is a modern mill integrate that produces paper, pulp and energy.

The mill site, located on the shore of the Kymijoki river, is home to the UPM Kymi pulp mill and UPM Communication Papers Oy’s Kymi paper mill. The key products of these mills are uncoated and coated fine paper as well as bleached birch and softwood pulp. The pulp mill is also a significant producer of bioenergy. In addition, pulp production generates crude tall oil and turpentine, which are used in the production of bioeconomy products.

At the Kymi paper mill, two paper machines and coaters are used in paper production. The finishing and refining processes include the sheeting lines for office papers and large graphic sheets. Fine paper production uses 100% chemical pulp.

Birch, pine and spruce are used as raw materials.

In 2020, paper and pulp mills and the UPM functios employed 744 people in total at UPM Kymi site.

Kymin Voima Oy’s biofuel power plant and Schaefer Kalk Finland Oy’s calcium carbonate production plant also operate at the mill site. These production units contribute to the circular economy at the site.

UPM has had a significant impact on the birth and development of the local community in Kouvola for almost 150 years. Kymi was founded in 1872 and the first paper machine started production in 1873. The first tonnes of pulp were produced in 1886. We still have a significant impact on the area as a taxpayer as well as an employer.