Sustainable forestry
Trees are vital to life on earth because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and maintain biodiversity.

We operate according to the principles of sustainable forestry. Safeguarding the biological diversity in the forests is an essential part of our operations. We use certified wood whenever possible and promote the use of certified wood globally. We know the origin of the wood we use as all our wood supplies are covered by a third-party verified chain of custody certificates under the FSC® (FSC-C011143) and PEFC™.
Sustainable forest management does not cause deforestation but keeps forests growing for future generations.

To ensure continued growth, we plant 4 trees for every 1 harvested.
Economic interests go hand in hand with climate interests.
Healthy growth of forests create carbon sinks that bind carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide bound in our own forests in Finland is 390 million tons.

That’s the same as the total carbon footprint of Finland’s population

7 times over
Forests are a source of renewable raw material that can replace fossil-based materials.

Our target is to develop our activities to increase biodiversity in our forests

We have an ambitious 2030 target to improve the state of biodiversity in our own forests. The status of forest nature is monitored by using selected biodiversity indicators. By these indicators, changes in forest structure are identified and impact of protection is monitored. Indicators are also set to follow implementation of biodiversity projects and indicator development.
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Increasing biodiversity in forests supports the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on land

Our aim is to ensure sustainable land use and keep forests full of life, and secure forest ecosystem services
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Take a virtual tour in a Finnish forest with UPM Forest Life

UPM Forest Life is an educational application where you can take an interactive walk through one of our forests in Finland. Moving along a path of your choice and at your own pace, you'll see forestry professionals at work, explore the different uses for the forest and learn about the plant and animal life that calls it home.
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