Air quality
In Finland, cities are responsible for monitoring the air quality in their region. Air quality is affected by, among other things, by respirable small particles as well as sulfur and nitrogen compounds. In addition, odorous sulfur compounds (TRS) are measured in cities with pulp mills.

At UPM Kymi, we constantly follow emissions into the air based on the mill’s own real-time measurement.

Reducing sulphur dioxode

In recent decades pulp mills’ emissions into the air have been systematically decreased by means of new technology. In 2020, Kymi pulp mill’s NOx emissions were further reduced thanks to air distribution adjustments made at the recovery boiler.

The air quality in Kouvola is good.
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decrease in sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions from 2011-2020
(In pulp production)
Emission savings equals to
distance on a passenger ferry
return ferry trips from Helsinki to Tallinn
Greenhouse gas emissions consist of e.g. carbon dioxide (CO₂) and certain other gases. They have a warming effect on the climate and arise especially from the use of fossil fuels. Minimising the use of fossil fuels is the most important way to mitigate climate change.
Kymi's energy production is mainly based on renewable fuels, which accounted for more than 89% in 2020
UPM’s goal is to reduce CO₂ emissions from fuels and purchased electricity by 65 percent from the 2015 levels by 2030. We also aim to reduce the emission levels of our supply chain by 30 percent. A road map to achieve this target is currently being implemented.

UPM commits to the United Nations Global Compact’s Business Ambition for 1.5°C, joining leading companies in a promise to pursue science-based measures to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. UPM will strive to mitigate climate change and drive value creation through innovating novel products, committing to a 65% CO₂ emission reduction and by practicing sustainable forestry.

Moving from fossils to bioeconomy – Forests, wood-based products and low-carbon electricity all play a role in climate change mitigation
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