Bioenergy producer
Using renewable energy saves resources and produces less harmful emissions than the alternatives.

Nearly all of the energy used at the Kymi mill site is wood-based and generated from process residues at the mill site. For example, the pulp mill produces a significant amount of wood-based electricity and heat as a side stream of pulp production.
of energy used in 2020 was from renewable fuels.
At the UPM Kymi pulp mill, the main source of thermal energy and electricity is black liquor – a byproduct of the pulp production process – which contains mainly lignin dissolved in water.

The main fuels of the Kymin Voima Oy power plant are wood bark and wood chips. District heating and electricity produced from renewable fuels are also supplied to the city of Kouvola.
In Finland the share of renewable energy of all energy consumption was 40% in 2020.
UPM Kymi

UPM aims to have a continuous share of 70% of renewable fuels

By using more renewable fuels than non-renewable ones, we will support the achievement of
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7:
Affordable and clean energy

We aim to increase efficient use and share of renewable and low emission energy
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