This is UPM Kymi
As an active and responsible player in the bioeconomy and circular economy, we manufacture fully recyclable paper and pulp products. Our products are made from wood, a renewable resource harvested from sustainably managed forests.

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From challenge to opportunity

The world’s increasing population and rising standards of living are also increasing consumption. At the same time, natural resources are dwindling and climate change is progressing. The bioeconomy and circular economy offer opportunities to help find solutions to these problems.
Wood fibres as well as side streams and residues of wood processing are building blocks of the future. At UPM Kymi, we use 100% of our most important raw material: wood. Wood-based products are mostly recyclable and can also replace the use of fossil-based materials.
The UPM Kymi mill integrate builds on the synergies in efficient pulp and paper production as illustrated in the below graph
Pulp mill
PCC plant
Paper mill
Bark sand used
in soil for gardens and parks.
Conifer and birch pulp in bales for various paper grades, board and tissue. Tall oil and turpentine as residuals. Energy for the mills and local consumption.
PCC plant
Schaefer Kalk Finland Oy.
Paper products for magazines, catalogues, advertising, office papers and sticky labels.
Biological waste water treatment.
Over 4 million m³ of wood per year (birch, pine and spruce).
Flue gases of lime kiln (carbon dioxide).
PCC precipitated calcium carbonate.
Use: As paper filler material.
Softwood and birch pulp. Steam, electricity.
Steam and electricity.
Wood chips and saw dust.
Biofuel power plant
Kymin Voima Oy
Bark and sludge from the waste water treatment plant are incinerated at Kymin Voima. The power plant produces energy for Kymi mills and local consumption.
Ash is applied in forests to recycle nutrients back into the soil, and in land construction.